We are the simple energy because...

  • We abolished permanence.

  • We eliminate cost overruns on your bill.

  • You can join in just a few steps.

  • We explain your bill.

  • We care about you.

  • You will be renewable without doing anything.

Why choose Canaluz?


Because we are born with the aim of taking care of our planet, we are 100% renewable energy.


Because you pay only for your energy consumption, without small print or unnecessary surcharges.


Because we reinvest profits in social welfare and create jobs within the sector.

Do you want to be part of this family?

Join the simple energy, because your trust is the most important thing for us. Let's create a better future.

If you are already part of this family, log in to your personal area to check your energy consumption, pay your bills or change your data and tariffs whenever you want. It is as simple as that. Just like your energy.

The energy of the environment

To supply the oxygen for one person PER DAY, 22 trees are needed.

1 kWh of non-renewable energy produces 1.45 kilos of CO2 emissions.

3 trees are needed to compensate the CO2 emission for 1 kWh produced by "NON RENEWABLE" energies.

The increase of CO2 in the atmosphere causes it to warm up (global warming).

Canaluz Charging Stations

Here are our magnificent electric charging stations. We have a unique network of efficient spaces created to recharge your electric vehicle quickly and effectively, thus decisively advocating for a responsible future where we respect the environment and sustainable development with the clean energy from your vehicle. Fast charging points with smart terminals and the close collaboration of our technological partners IBIL.

Have you had any incidents?

If you have any problems with our charging stations, please call us or send us an email.

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How you can charge your car

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Do you want to have your own charging point in your home and/or company?

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Do you want a Canaluz Service Station for your company or business?

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News and updates on our Canaluz Service Stations

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