El Goro Eco-Industrial Park

Green Infinite Energy Server (SEVI).

Solar Industrial Community SEVI El Goro.

Our 100% renewable energy generator Canaluz infinite, belonging to Canaluz Group, leads this ambitious and original project commissioned by Goroeco Parque Empresarial and aims to create an eco-industrial harmonisation of the Parque Empresarial El Goro (Telde, Gran Canaria), generating a biodiverse environment in accordance with the EU strategy to combat climate change, while converting it into a true Infinite Green Energy Server (SEVI) capable of being exportable, as a perfectly reproducible and applicable model, to the rest of the industrial estates and business parks in Spain.

As the main novelty, we are providing our own 120 MW green energy storage system, which will act as a powerful renewable energy storage system, as well as a highly efficient aggregator of the general electricity demand. In this way, El Goro Business Park has become a true Infinite Green Energy Server (SEVI) for the entire system.

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"Our aim is to return our profits to our society, creating skilled jobs, improving competitiveness and professionalisation of our environment. Caring for and preserving the environment and promoting the circular economy."

Canaluz and its soundtrack

Luis Morera once said of Germán López: "It is a joy to see how you expand the sound of our identity and that, being the timple so small, it becomes big in your hands. A great joy to see you walking free and unrestrained, driven by the trade winds of the land you love and inhabit".

The sound of the five strings of the timple in his hands is like feeling all the magic of the forces of Nature in its pure state, modulated at will by the hands of its creator: the original artist, the craftsman of the air who is patiently capable of doing a thousand tricks and pranks with the wind, to polish it to perfection, well polished, through the dance of his virtuoso musical notes.

Canaluz thus becomes an electricity company with 100% renewable energy sources, which also has its own original music that also stirs and renews the spirit in a completely natural and characteristic way: with the sound of the timple, the instrument that identifies a feeling and a particularly unique common root: That of the place where we come from and where we were born, the place that many also define as a Paradise of renewable energies, the Canary Islands, the best place in the world to live and also - how not - to renew, offer and share the best of the clean and healthy energies that can be obtained today from our generous Mother Nature, for the good of all people and the future of our planet.

Therein lies our great little secret, in our origin; therein lies our great strength, in our roots: because music is also good energy. This is how Canaluz Nuestra vida es tu energía was born... from the timple, from the fingers and the genius of an artist of whom we are especially proud, the master, the timplist, Germán López.

Biography of Germán López

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